Project Details

  • Hunt Construction Group. Inc.
    Stowe, VT
    $131 million

    The project was the construction of a six-story, 312-room luxury ski resort in Stowe, Vermont. The facility also included an indoor/outdoor pool and a spa. The Stowe Mountain Lodge was constructed in 2006-2008. GREYHAWK initially provided construction consulting services and was subsequently requested to provide CPM scheduling services.

    The initial requested consulting services included the contemporaneous development of a delay analysis to identify and quantify delays related to the structural concrete and structure steel in order to demonstrate justification for an extension of time and related delay damages. This was done during construction, while at the same time, expanding the existing schedule and developing a more detailed, comprehensive CPM schedule to enhance the ability to plan and monitor construction.

    Near the end of the project, GREYHAWK was requested to provide a Time Impact Analysis (TIA) covering the entire project. Significant project events and milestones were selected and a comprehensive investigation of the amount, cause and responsibility for the delay impact of each was performed. GREYHAWK’s TIAs were used as the basis to structure a settlement with the owner. The TIAs were subsequently used in the successful settlement of a claim against the architect for its contribution to the delays on the project.