Project Details

  • South Jersey Port Corporation
    Gloucester County, NJ
    $275 million

    GREYHAWK is providing Program Management services to the South Jersey Port Corporation (SJPC) in conjunction with the Gloucester County Improvement Authority (GCIA), in the redevelopment of the former British Petroleum (BP) Oil Terminal and the former Essex Industrial Chemicals, Inc. (Essex) properties, located adjacent to the Delaware River and Mantua Creek in the Borough of Paulsboro, Gloucester County. Services include program oversight and monitoring, budget and schedule control, design review and procurement consulting.

    The Port of Paulsboro is a new deep-water marine terminal with associated processing, distribution and intermodal operations that is known as the Paulsboro Marine Terminal Project. In conjunction, the SJPC and the GCIA have provided public vehicular access via a two-lane connector road and bridge structure over the Mantua Creek known as the Access Road and Bridge Project. Combined these projects are known as the Port of Paulsboro.

    Marine Terminal

    The Marine Terminal Project consists primarily of two parcels: a 130-acre parcel owned by BP, comprising the western two thirds of the project site; an adjacent 60-acre parcel identified as the former Essex Chemical property; and several smaller parcels making up this approximately 190-acre site. The project elements are a four-berth, pile-supported wharf, site development and improvements including dredging and fill. Establishment of an approximately 20-acre tidal wetlands mitigation site at a former dredged material management facility known as the Delaware River Equestrian, Agricultural and Marine Park (Dream Park) is also part of this project.

    Access Road and Bridge

    The Access Road and Bridge Project provides site access for vehicle traffic, particularly commercial vehicles. The access road is a two-lane road connecting to Paradise Road, which intersects directly to Route 44, feeding into Interstate 295 at exit 19. The new access road is approximately nine-tenths of a mile long including a three-span, 490-foot bridge across the Mantua Creek. The bridge is a steel girder structure on concrete piers and abutments supported by piles.