Project Details

  • Mt. Laurel Municipal Utilities Authority
    Mt. Laurel, NJ

    This project involved the retro-commissioning of a facility constructed in 2007. The building consisted of front offices, main meeting room, conference room, dining area, control room and various mechanical areas for water treatment.

    GREYHAWK’s took a phased approach to retro-commissioning this facility. Our detailed scope included meeting with the owner’s representatives and developing a preliminary understanding of the owner’s concerns and current facility requirements. Subsequent to the meeting, the following tasks were performed: collection and review of existing building documentation, testing and balancing validation, controls Investigation and commissioning to determine issues, correction of deficient HVAC controls and sensors. Systems retro-commissioned included:

    • HVAC systems
    • Air termination units, particularly VAVs
    • Variable frequency drives and motors
    • Boiler systems
    • Building automation system including controlled devices, sensors, control loops, logic and graphic user interface

    GREYHAWK issued a comprehensive phased report as part of this retro-commissioning project. This plan identified implementation of corrective action including field adjustments, system re-balancing, development of a regular maintenance schedule and control system training.