Project Details

  • The Kimmel Center, Inc.
    Philadelphia, PA
    $182 million

    This project involved the construction of a world-class performing arts center, residence to the Philadelphia Orchestra, the Opera Company of Philadelphia, the Pennsylvania Ballet, the Chamber Orchestra of Philadelphia, and the Philadelphia Chamber Music Society. The Kimmel Center is 450,000 square feet and occupies an entire city block. The glass roof is more than 150 feet high. Designed in the shape of a stringed instrument, Verizon Hall, a 2,500-seat theatre resting upon 225 isolation pads, contains no straight lines or squared angles which ensures a sound experience like no other concert hall.

    While the project designer delivered the desired acoustical result, it failed to deliver the design on time or in accordance with the budget parameters in the contract, which resulted in delays to the construction schedule and an increase in construction cost to the owner.

    The Kimmel Center contracted GREYHAWK to analyze the impact of late and incomplete design drawings on the timely completion of construction. GREYHAWK performed a delay investigation and an analysis of errors and omissions in design. GREYHAWK prepared a presentation of findings in support of the Kimmel Center’s desire to negotiate a settlement short of litigation. Although the parties were unable to reach an agreement in mediation, the parties reached settlement early in the litigation in large measure due to the detailed investigation of the extensive impacts caused by the design team’s failure to furnish in a timely fashion the design information necessary for construction and its failure to maintain its contractual budget.