Cheltenham Elementary School

Project Details

  • School District of Cheltenham Township
    Cheltenham, PA
    $22.3 million

    GREYHAWK provided whole building commissioning on this project, consisting of construction of a new three-story, 87,000-square-foot elementary school. The building includes classrooms, kitchen, music suite, art suite, library, student dining area, offices and gymnasium.

    GREYHAWK’s scope for this LEED Silver project included both basic commissioning and enhanced commissioning in compliance with applicable LEED requirements. The services provided on this project are described as “whole building commissioning” due to the addition of the building envelope system. GREYHAWK’s role as Commissioning Agent (CxA) for this project included review of “Owner’s Project Requirements” and “Basis of Design” documents, design phase review of systems and components to be commissioned and construction phase review of submittals of relevant systems and components.

    In accordance with LEED requirements, the following systems and components were commissioned:

    • HVAC primary system commissioning (boilers, water-cooled chiller, cooling tower, air handling units with heat recovery, pumps)
    • HVAC terminal equipment commissioning 20% (heat pumps, cabinet unit heaters, radiation, exhaust fans)
    • Life safety systems (fire pump, emergency power, ATS systems)
    • Plumbing (sink water temps, automatic flushers, drinking fountain – 10%)
    • Electrical distribution (overcurrent device protection and trip settings, panel spot checking)
    • Lighting control systems (20% of spaces)
    • Building envelope and roof system
    • Building automation system
    • Domestic hot water system
    • Systems manual preparation and 10-month occupancy review
    • Training verification

    After start-up and testing were complete and verified, GREYHAWK collected and review O&M manuals and prepared a comprehensive systems manual. We also verified completion of necessary training and returned to the project for a 10-month occupancy review.