Barclay Arena
Barclay Arena Aerial View

Project Details

  • Hunt Construction Group
    Brooklyn, NY
    $500 million

    The project, a new NBA arena, started in 2010 and completed in late summer 2012. GREYHAWK provided CPM scheduling services to the GMP design/build contractor on this fast track project. In addition, GREYHAWK was responsible for proactive risk management services.

    GREYHAWK prepared a detailed CPM schedule prior to the execution of the GMP contract, which provided clear visibility of project conditions and the planned sequence and duration of work. This helped to facilitate the process for the contractor and the owner to finalize the contract price. During the preparation of the project CPM schedule, accommodations were made for a site turnover and access realities. As the design was finalized through the first year of the project, schedule adjustments were made accordingly. Ultimately, the schedule included more than 10,000 activities and reflected significant detail on the sequence and duration of the work, and it reflected substantial input from the major subcontractors. The schedule was updated at least monthly, and was accompanied by a detailed narrative report with color-coded and cross-referenced key plans.

    Throughout the monthly update process, special attention was given to the building demolition progress and other events that had an effect on the project completion date. This comprehensive schedule update effort allowed for the implementation of innovative construction activity re-sequencing by Hunt to maintain progress on critical path activities. These proactive measures allowed Hunt to achieve the planned substantial completion of this complex and unique arena.

    During the project, GREYHAWK worked continuously with the Hunt management team to address the various events influencing the timely completion of the project and interfaced with the other project participants to assure communication of necessary schedule information.