Retro & Re-Commissioning

GREYHAWK provides retro-commissioning, re-commissioning and ongoing commissioning services for existing buildings. Our services result in reduced energy and carbon emissions and improved comfort conditions.

Retro-commissioning is the commissioning of facilities that have never previously been commissioned. Often original design documents are not available for the existing building, requiring us to complete a forensic study of the building systems. This process usually focuses on energy usage such as mechanical equipment, lighting and related controls with the goal of improving building system efficiency, obtaining energy cost savings for the Owner, identifying and fixing existing problems and using diagnostic testing and O&M tune-up activities.

Re-commissioning, as the name implies, is the re-application of the commissioning process on initially commissioned building elements. Commissioned systems should be re-tested on a regular basis. Re-commissioning can only be applied to buildings that have been commissioned (or retro-commissioned) and require a “baseline” performance measurement established by the initial commissioning process (i.e., when the systems are fine-tuned and operating as efficiently as possible). We typically expect that a 10-12 month review has been performed to assess that the system operational goals are being achieved.